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For Those About to Blog – We Salute You

Social Media Examiner posted a new article today about blogging entitled “4 Ways to Create Content That Sells”. I found this to be a great read and the link is below, so I will not labour the point and go through it point by point, however there is one part of the article that stands out to me.

The article mentions that “everything always involves teaching first, then comes the selling.” It demonstrates this by talking about how the introduction of Timeline on Facebook created an opportunity to educate and then sell social media content services. To me that really hit home. The introduction notice was not more than 30 days. That was not a lot of time to educate the opportunity, create a strategy, accumulate content and publish. Publishing in itself is a large endevour in terms of scroll bars, new page apps, lack of information as well as new code changes to includes.

But in the end it was doable. Nothing like urgency will get things done and when you are blogging, being out front with the information ahead of the rest means you have a greater chance to be a leader on the topic at hand. Particularly if it is a hot topic like the timeline which I also got into the game with creating information on this as a resource when I could not find information anwhere else. Use the keywords in the right hand search cloud for timeline and page apps to see articles I ended up writing to fill the void.

Indeed even this blog you are reading right now was started for my own use to catalogue information from the web as well as my own thought to share.


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