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Ricky Gervais Tweets to Mr./Ms. Religion

  Lance looses sponsors, Mittens goes postal on binders, but this may be the best part of this week. And it is still only Thursday. Oh what will Friday bring?


Page Post Ads Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

Qwaya created an infographic in order to help you create Page posts that translate well into Page post ads, and is essentially a checklist for you to run through when creating Page posts that you might want to sponsor.  

Gotta be me

Calling this One as a YouTube Hit Bump

Something about this fellow in the current Southern Comfort ad campaign that makes me smile and think that this is going to be a larger item than a posted ad on YouTube in the weeks to come. Fall might be here, but I can always relive summer with my own doppelgänger. One of the comments sums this up the best:
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