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A Smart Little Website

Jeffery Zeldman is widely known for being an entrepreneur, web designer, author, podcaster and speaker on web design. Zeldman is also known for authoring the book Designing with Web Standards, founding the agency Happy Cog, and starting A List Apart and An Event Apart. I follow him on Twitter, as well as am connected to him on Facebook. I enjoy
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#NotOptimal and Hate Politics

A great commentary about the #NotOptimal hash tag that hate mongers on the American right have used to describe Obama’s comment that any deaths by service personel is not optimal. In context, the question is, what is the optimal situation, so the response was framed in that way. WATCH (Canada only)

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Real World Share Code

Straight from, Here is some share code. Why did I ‘share’ this with you? Look at the first link – the one for facebook. That will show you how to not only share, but prescribe the link image and the copy rather than having Facebook randomly select incomplete copy or text. Especially important if your page is all video
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