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Visuals are All

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am not at present able to upload any media. To me part of what I want and need to tell in my storytelling must include graphics. This has led me to not posting. It also has led me to a realiszation about the importance of this blog to me.

I am unsure of my readership, but I have a certain amount of stress every day that I cannot blog what I want. This is because everything I blog about usually or should include an image.

So the end of the string of thoughts is – is a blog more about visuals or the idea. I think it is a mixture which has led me to not post as much as I wanted to. I cannot comment on things unless I show you what it is that I want to talk about. Sure I can link to it, but then you are gone and have not read the last of my thoughts. The idea of a walled garden has been around for over 13 years, but what I want is a garden. Just to plant the idea. But leave to see the rest of it after you have heard my words and smelt my flowers – or in the case of this blog – seen the relevant visuals to which I talk about.

July looks promising to me with my blog in terms of technological hurdles and right now have it on the hoist at my local host provider to see what is leaking and what they can do to fix it. Hope it’s not as big a bill as my 1980 Volvo 240 GL gave me in ’92.

Be swell and enjoy the heat. Oh and if you would not mind liking or leaving a though it would be nice to see the readership. As we all know metrics are one thing, hence this ask at the bottom of the page.


Note: The image used as the profile image when you come to the main page of this blog was a repurposed image already on file.

One Response to “Visuals are All”

  1. hal cooper says:

    I read everytime you link to something, Todd :). It’s all about the facebook post!