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Prorogue and the Response


  1. Discontinue a session of (a legislative assembly) without dissolving it.
  2. (of such an assembly) Be discontinued in this way.
adjourn – postpone – defer – delay

So the federal government  has decided to prorogue Parliment again. Basically cancelling debate and bills before the House.

To me it is very clear that this is an attempt to stifle debate. The excuse is that the Throne speech is in October so lets just cut class until then. What if that was the case in school when exams were looming. Lets just cancel the rest of the year and see you in the next grade.

Rightfully people are upset and voicing concern.

Twitter is buzzing on the #prorogue tag.

prorogueHow big a reach? This tweetreach report gives you an idea:


The Herald has a good article on the past actions and the concerns of citizens.