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Bell Aliant: “YouTube is not for research”. #not


Atlantic Canada Telcom Bell Aliant has an ad out espousing the fastness of fiber op and how everyone in the family can use the same pipe to get data. I am not going to comment on the speed, but something in the ad which hit me like a nerfball a short range.

The father in the ad at about the 6 second mark states to his teenage daughter that “YouTube is not research”. This to me is again some ad writer who has no real understanding of what the value of online video or what video platforms are.


So no, YouTube is not research. It is a video sharing platform. He could have said “YouTube is not FOR research”. That would have been better in terms of actual description and explanation to his teen.

The reality is that YouTube actually is great for teens for research. Lets look at a few subjects and then you can tell me I am wrong. I think however you will agree that just because it could be used for stupid pet tricks, a platform such as YouTube should not be painted so. Especially not by the company purporting to sell yopu the pipe and should know better. Company and agency fail on this ad.

BTW these are not elementary abc’s videos, but something which work to explain things to students much like the girl in the video.


Physics: The Doppler Effect


Biology: Photosynthesis


Mathmatics: Student t-Test distribution

All of these three small examples of what is out there on YouTube would have really helped me to understand my subjects rather than notes and recall from lectures by teachers and professors who were somethings inept at communications.

As a side note, I expect that BellAliant will drop that ad perhaps, which is why I am going to archive it in case they do. Once online, it is never gone.