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Bell Aliant: “YouTube is not for research”. #not

  Atlantic Canada Telcom Bell Aliant has an ad out espousing the fastness of fiber op and how everyone in the family can use the same pipe to get data. I am not going to comment on the speed, but something in the ad which hit me like a nerfball a short range. The father in the ad at about
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Horrible Histories and All That Chin Chin

Horrible Histories is a great example of using YouTube to repurpose content that originally aired on tv. This series of shorts from the BBC aims to educate not only the young, but I suspect the populace at large. I certainly learned something. ¬†Children’s BBC comedy series based on the best selling books written by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin
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Social Media Training Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Internal resources or farm it out. It is a big question these days as more companies are looking to take advantage of social media. Careful. It is not so easy as you think. This infographic from Mindflash can help guide you. Use the socialmedia tag to your right to find more articles to help you figure our your next steps
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