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Google TV? – Maybe if you made it for Canada

My initial thoughts on buying the GoogleTV Asus cube for my wife was so that we can watch Netflix. Other than that, it was also proven to allow the TV to stream video from a Mac formatted external hard drive with various media types (mk4, avi, mpg etc) which the Sony tv itself did not like. I bought if for my wife to overcome the shortcomings of my Sony tv and had great thoughts and hopes on this.

As a side point if you are going to sell a tv with usb, do not mandate only one type of video that can be played. I am still not sure what Sony dictates, as I have long ago forsaken that for other solutions.

When at my in-laws the wireless was intermittent, even though my 2006 Apple Pro got the connection. When I got home it picked up the signal no problem. Actually in an area in the house known for being a deficient void. Then came the real test.

One of the reasons I got this is because to watch Netflix, means I have to go downstairs to watch it on the XBox. If you have a 16 year old son like me then good luck having screen time. The other alternative was bring the Wii from my daughters room to the familly room as she did not use it. Well you can figure out how that when if you have a 13 year old girl in the house.

So setting up the box was ok but not without frought. I had to link in my cable privider to the cube and then the cube to the TV. Then it went bad.

The cube did not recognize:

  • The Sony tv
  • The providers cable box – so I could not watch tv
  • Let me on Netflix.

Now this is why I want to let you folks know that you should not biy this – it coast me $185 with tax:

You can not get Netflix on this device. It has a button on the remote, but even through navigating the on screen, you are directed to Netflix from the US. Now my daughter told me to just hack it, but I told her that it is not that simple. It cannot be done.

So as a product in Canada? Fail. Why the hell would Asus or even Google allow a product in a market where the main selling point is moot.

Upon the return the manager of the store told my wife that he has had almost all of the product returned.

Go figure.

My solution? HDMI to DVI-I on my mac with an external drive for movies and a remote keyboard and mouse for use. Cost? Same as the cube, but more useable with the computer.

One would have thought that it should have been easier – maybe that is why Apple is kicking the ass of Google. I do not know – and no I will not be buying Apple TV to compensate.

2 Responses to “Google TV? – Maybe if you made it for Canada”

  1. Patrick Furlong says:

    WD TV Live. Streams my content over the network. Any content, any format allowed. Two USB ports too. Wireless and wired connections. Supports Netflix, YouTube, and other online video sources. Remote control or control via app on my iPhone or iPad. They always update the firmware to fix issues. Plus, you can get them for $90. Not perfect, but works better than my Xbox.

  2. textureweb says:

    At the end of the day Patrick, since I can wire my laptop into any tv that I had, and since Netflix did not work – we opted for the return. Which btw at Staples was a no brainier.