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The Best of Spring is Not Here. Achoo!!



My Christmas Tree on the deck provides a backdrop for the Spring Sears Catalouge and the blizzard snow.


I am confounded that I should get the spring catalouge from Sears the day before the biggest winter storm that we have seen in Halifax for 10 years.

What is it about those who produce such thing that we would be thinking of the Christmas Wish List in August, or looking at spring in the middle of a winter screaming banshee of a storm?

This be the reason me son:

  • It is because they want us to buy early and get it done early.
  • Is is because they think we need to get stuff before we need it because the trains might not get through the snow
  • It is because that is the way Sears/Eatons/Simpsons have done that for more than a Hundred years

That is so 1977.

Do not litter my my mail slot with your mailings of seasons yet to come. I am sure that if I wanted to get some spring wear or other such fashions then I will get them at the store in person or will order them online. The ideas that Sears even still sends me a catalouge (and you as well as it is not a subscription but a blanket mail) is stupid. How much did that cost? I think about for the shoot, layout and mailing about $500,000. Yep and that is conservative. Now if they really want to impress me, then they should know what I have bought at their stores.

Sort the database, send a catalouge to me. Make 15 catalouges and sort them by the best and repeat customers. Screw the rest. Put the money into some of the fancy model pics, but put those with clothing online and sell it through a paid search campaign.

Follow – no scratch that: duplicate that with banner ads which speak to each region (not provinces, but probably 120 regions in Canada) and sell it.

The idea oi the catalouge? That went out when they stopped selling Number Nine hockey jerseys.

Digital marketing. Not Spring cataloges while I shake snow out of my pant leg.