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The Best of Spring is Not Here. Achoo!!

    I am confounded that I should get the spring catalouge from Sears the day before the biggest winter storm that we have seen in Halifax for 10 years. What is it about those who produce such thing that we would be thinking of the Christmas Wish List in August, or looking at spring in the middle of a
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Oh Sears. Still Not Dishing it Up?

Earlier I had posted about an ad on Kijiji regarding a dishwasher (“Beautiful Sears Kenmore dishwasher -or a really nice boat anchor”). It was not necessarily for sale, but it did highlight the plight of Shauna Jones and Gerry LeBlanc regarding the old run around from Sears. Seems that the Sears reputation for standing by their products and service is
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Brand Slamming. Kijiji Style. Thanks Sears.

Thinking of using Kijiji to sell something? I have. I have also bought something off it. I love it. This time round however someone got a melon of a dishwasher from Sears and is using the platform to let you know what a piece of crap it is. Complete with service history. Let this be a lesson for those corporations
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