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Seeing the Warning Signs of Anger


CNN reports on the events on its home page.

A terrible tragedy in Moncton New Brunswick yesterday has led to the deaths of three of the city’s finest, with two more in the hospital. Media reports identified as Jason Bourque. I took a quick look on Facebook and came across this profile, which I believe would be the person, if not then that fellow has all the warning signs of someone about to go off on authority.

Reading through the diatribe of a mostly open Facebook account one gets the impression that this is a person with serious problems.


Who writes this stuff?

So the question will inevitably come up. Does this support the need for government surveillance of social media? Think of it as being answered 20 years ago before the web. Would someone on a soapbox on a street corner deserve to have police taking notes if they were doing a public speech in this manner? Maybe. But the reality of that is not realistic. Issues of free speech, over the top surveillance will quickly come to play.

What is important is that the public, especially people who are close or know the person who rants in this manner wiegh the options of whether this person is going over the top. Or in the case of this week, over the edge.

Not everyone who posts the following image on their Facebook page merits scrutiny. But they certainly should be someone who is flagged for being a bit off the rails.


The last post on the timeline- just before the incident started, ends with “I believe my kingdom will come.” Hmm. That sounds like someone ready to go all out. If you look at the thread of the posts, this certainly might warrant someone saying “Hey this guy needs help” to an authority figure. Where were those who were ‘friends’ on Facebook? It is not for me to judge as only hindsight gives one 20/20 vision. But still one wonders.

I am not saying that the account on Facebook is the person in question. I am not condoning any sort of gun violence. I also think that the gun registry would have perhaps helped. At this point I don’t know if the guns used were registered or not. I guess that is moot now anyway. We should as a society however act to protect the larger good by working to identify such extreme patterns for scrutiny.

I don’t have a solution, nor am I proposing one. I am not a professional who does that, so just raising the point of the issue. How this story develops and society reacts to it with regards to social media monitoring will be interesting to see as it unfolds.