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Superbowl Memes #Winning

When you have a game like we saw last night with the apparent blowout by the Broncos, coupled with the over the top hype by the media of how they were going to win, you have to expect some memes on this. Payton may be a great quarterback, but even my fav, Tom Brady can have a day where it
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Millenium Fish, not Falcon

Falcons may like fish, but in this case my lunch included a Millenium Fish, not Falcon. Or maybe it was just the toy that came with my order from the Red Stag Tavern. Anyway thought it funny enough to archive and share with everyone. Update: I just had to share this below as it was too was also too funny.  

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Todd Akin Gets Some Well Deserved Blowback

On August 19th, 2012, the United States Representative for Missouri’s 2nd congressional district Republican William Todd Akin was interviewed by the St. Louis television station KTVI-TV during his campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate. During the interview, Akin was questioned about his position on abortion in cases where the woman was impregnated due to sexual assault, to which
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Mirror Meme

“All the universe is full of the lives of perfect creatures.” – Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Artist Karolina Sobecka designed a 3D mirror that replaces ones head reflection with an animal’s head.  From other angles, the head appears disembodied to fellow viewers but to the mirror ‘user’ the reflection is straight on. What is really interesting is that the avatars mimic facial
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Art Feature - Look alike

Ho Hum – It’s Doppelgänger Week Again

Doppelgänger Week has it’s origins on Facebook in 2010, when a fellow named Bob Patel, who was told he was strikingly familiar to Tom Selleck, declared Doppelgänger Week to be the first week of February. I think this might be more of a lore than a fact as being the first, as Mashable reported in 2009 that Coke Zero had a Facebook
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