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Superbowl Memes #Winning

When you have a game like we saw last night with the apparent blowout by the Broncos, coupled with the over the top hype by the media of how they were going to win, you have to expect some memes on this. Payton may be a great quarterback, but even my fav, Tom Brady can have a day where it
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International Women’s Day – How Women Surf the Web

Comscore releases a chart in honour of International Women’s Day which looks at how women spend time on the web and found that Canada is ranked second just behind the US and very close statistically to the UK. The data is based on information from January 2013.  Perhaps it is a factor of mobile, but one would expect Asian and
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Addiction to the Web – Really? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Opinion pollster SodaHead surveyed 602 visitors to its site Feb. 16. about whether they experience Internet addiction, and found that many people are self-diagnosed addicts. Key word here – SELF diagnosis. Do most know what addiction is? Is being addicted to being online real? I watched a rerun of Third Rock from the Sun the other day where Dick discovered
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