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Pinterest. A Social Platform on a Metoric Rise.

I recently received this blog suggestion: Pinterest – what is it? Kind of looks to me like a new for of digg or reddit, but I haven’t explored it that much yet?.  So here goes.

Pinterest is a basically what it says it is – a social platform tomake different boars and attach or pin interesting posts much like your mum (or grandma – depending on yoiur age) did with a cork board. The big difference is that you can interact, shjare boards, post to boards etc. whereas mum (or granny) could only show off thier cork boards at the monthly bridge get together.

Well now doesn’t that sound like Facebook photos, or Flickr, or Instagram? Yes it does, but it kinda runs outside what they do in terms of information and photos and brings in the best. The ones mention rely on your  acumen to describe what is going on. Even Food Finder needs you to tell it what restaurant and menu item you are photographing. This makes photos and video and information more succinct, more relevant and more sharable with others of interest – which of course Facebook pages, Flicker groups and others can do, but not quite in the manner I enjoy with Pinterest.

Lets take a look at some of what you can expect.

The examples I am showing are publicaly available, so I have not bothered to hide identity, nor do I know the people here. I simply did a search for Yaris – which is a Toyota small car. This is just an example of what you might find if you did a search for something like ‘chocolate cake’.

First up:

Doing a search for Yaris, I was given a few users (not surprising being that the site is still in closed Beta). So I clicked on a user and saw what the My Favorite Cars grouping (pin board) gave me. This is what came up.


Doing a search returns photos. Clicking on a user gives you this.


Your Board
Next, like you would do in Facebook, I was interested in this person and if they had more information I would like to see. Unlike Facebook, and like Flickr – it appears that most is open and game on.

What I recieved, and what you would present would be the following… although just a small part of this person’s public  boards:


 Photo Interaction
So I was interested in a few pins on the boards and came across this photo. As you can see it is very much like an early 2012 treatment of photos on Facebook. Thus making the divergence from Flickr.


That’s What She Said
Another key take away is the newsfeed that you see – not only your own, but similar to a Facebook timeline, or a twitter history for each user.


The Company

We should also look at how the company and service is doing. After all you don’t want to sign on to something that will be dead by Labour Day do you? In December 2011, the site entered the top 10 social networks according to Hitwise data with 11 million total visits per week. Well that is promising.

But to see what else is happening, I am going to turn things over to others who have done a better job at analyzing the business side of Pinterest:

Tech Crunch: Pinterest Is Now Pulling In More Pageviews Than Etsy; Grew 2,000% Since June

TheNextWeb: Pinterest sees site visits increase by 4,000% in just 6 months 

Now to finalize things and hopefully educate you more, here is …

The Skinny (Direct from Wikipedia)


  • Users label and create theme-based image boards. Users can populate their own boards with media found online using the Pin It button.[2]
  • Pins show up on the homepage through a Pin Feed that takes into account timing of pin, re-pinning activity, ‘like’ activity, and comment activity as well as your personal interests based on the board/pinners you follow.
  • Pins may be divided into pictures, videos, discussions, and gifts. A pin is an image added to Pinterest. Gifts are subdivided into: $1–20, $20–50, $50–100, $100–200, $200–500, $500+. [3]
  • Pictures consist of subcategories of: architecture, art, cars & motorcycles, design, DIY & crafts, education, film, music & books, fitness, food & drink, gardening, geek, hair & beauty, history, home décor, humor, kids, my life, women’s apparel, men’s apparel, outdoors, people, pets, photography, print & posters, products, science & nature, sports, technology, travel & places, wedding & events, other, everything.


  • Pinterest is created with the aim of ease of access with further instruction under what is Pinterest?, pin etiquette, help, press, team, terms, etc.
  • Pins may be added from a website using the “Pin It” button or as an image uploaded from a personal computer.
  • A Pinterest member may create a board. A board is a set of pins created on any given topic. Suggested boards include: products I love, favorite places & spaces, books worth reading, my style, for the home, food.
  • A Pinterest member may also “like” a pin which is saved to their homepage but not “re-pinned” for their followers to automatically see.
  • Pinterest can be accessed by adding the “pin it” button to the desktop bookmark bar, “follow me” and “pin it” button added to personal website or blog pages, and Pinterest for iPhone available through the App Store. Pinterest can also be followed on the official blog, Twitter, and Facebook. [4]
  • Pinterest allows users to follow other Pinterest users. A Tastemakers page exists to suggest relevant users to follow.[2]
  • Pinterest users may also follow boards of other Pinterest members, not necessarily following the user on the whole but instead this singular board.

Want to Come on Board?
Not so fast – you can’t just sign up – in spite of their phenomenal growth, you have to sign up by submitting your email and seeing if they will you accept you. As of December 2011, you must request an invite in order to join Pinterest. Log in can be done using a social media account, either Twitter or Facebook, or you can login with the e-mail address associated with your Pinterest account. Your profile picture from either associated social media site will also be used as your Pinterest thumbnail picture, but can be changed by uploading a different profile picture directly to Pinterest if desired.

Got a Smartphone?
As most smart businesses in the realm of social media, Pinterest also has offerings for various smartphone OS platforms. Seek it out in your respective online market places.

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