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Open Mobile Apps in the Native Program.

Open applications for iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry App World in the native program is pretty straight forward. You have to know what the item is that you are looking for to link to. If you are not a developer of an app and just want to link to them but also have them open in the native program such
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The RIM Delima

Will Blackberry ever get back on top? Likely not. It is on a downward roller coaster as development of apps dies, so does the want-ability of the product. The big rivalry is between Samsung/Andriod and Apple/iOS now, even in the home country of Blackberry’s parent company RIM – Canada. Perhaps somewhere along the road, someone at RIM should have stopped
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Pinterest. A Social Platform on a Metoric Rise.

I recently received this blog suggestion: Pinterest – what is it? Kind of looks to me like a new for of digg or reddit, but I haven’t explored it that much yet?.  So here goes. Pinterest is a basically what it says it is – a social platform tomake different boars and attach or pin interesting posts much like your
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