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Twitter Widgets

So want to embeded your twitter feed on your website? It’s simple. Go to You will then be asked to make a new one. You can set it up like I have:   The code is very easy to implement: Just copy and paste. You can take my feed and test if you wish (See also the @textureweb page
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feature floppies

Why Protect your Code?

Part of the web is the ability share and understand how pages are built. Sometimes a developer will try to protect the code. Right clicking on the browser window pane gives you a message similar to the following.           So does this really stop someone from wanting to read the page source code to understand how
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Open Mobile Apps in the Native Program.

Open applications for iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry App World in the native program is pretty straight forward. You have to know what the item is that you are looking for to link to. If you are not a developer of an app and just want to link to them but also have them open in the native program such
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Go Deep into the Code

Firefox allows you to go deep into the code visually – specifically into the nesting of tables and divs. How? First right click on an area. You will see the choice to ‘Inspect Element’. In this case it is to look at the profile picture in this Facebook timeline. Now at the bottom of the page to the right you
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browser surfer

Browsers – HTML5 Handling and Tools for Inspector Gadget

  Looking to see the best browser for the best experience with HTML5? This should help – it’s the latest ranking from which ranks all browsers.This particular list is for desktops, but the site also has listings for tablets, mobile, gaming and television. That’s right television. You’re welcome George Jetson. Still on IE6? You might want to upgrade to
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