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Browsers – HTML5 Handling and Tools for Inspector Gadget


Looking to see the best browser for the best experience with HTML5?

This should help – it’s the latest ranking from html5test.com which ranks all browsers.This particular list is for desktops, but the site also has listings for tablets, mobile, gaming and television. That’s right television. You’re welcome George Jetson.

Still on IE6? You might want to upgrade to the latest Maxthon(OS: Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000). Maxthon was originally based on the Trident Browser engine. Considering that this was used in IE and how Maxthon now ranks with HTML5, it certainly is not just a skinned ie8. Actually is is dual engined. It can switch between the ie based Trident and the Chrome/Safari based WebKit engine.

For me however, I still love my Firefox 12. Blazes of glory on my Mac. Especially if you are like me a code purveyor – you are going to love this feature. The Code Inspector. Helping you see how your CSS elements are stacked up.




One Response to “Browsers – HTML5 Handling and Tools for Inspector Gadget”

  1. Melissa Castle says:

    That is friggin’ cool!
    I’ve been on Chrome for a while and like it. I like the way the tabs are handled (although maybe a bit heavy on resources at times) and the auto-complete in the address/search bar works really well.