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America Votes. Canada Watches.


Election Day south of the border. There is a lot of online coverage happening. Right or left, news media outlets in the US seem to bend to one way or the other it seems.

Here in Canada, there is also coverage like other countries, of theĀ  most expensive election ever (the cost of this election of over $6,000,000,000 is more than all Canadian elections since the Second World War combined). The national broadcaster is leaping into the fray of coverage as well with web coverage of this event. No wonder. Canadians seem to pay more attention to, and react more viscerally to US politics than what happens here at home (my own anecdotal research).

For those looking for some balance from outside the noise in the States, this might be a good resource for those still undecided (seriously how can one still be on the fence down there?).

Less than stellar broadcast coverage online: